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Alan Jenner

Weekend warrior

About Alan

Beach and water sports were always part of Alan’s life growing up but it wasn’t until he tried stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) in 2012 that his life took a turn which has now ended up with a full-time community role.

Living in Guernsey, the opportunity for specific SUP training was limited, especially when the sport was at its embryonic stage. Alan travelled to the UK, met some coaches and decided he also wanted to become an instructor and develop SUP in Guernsey.

Alan is now a British Stand-Up Paddle Association instructor and has taken hundreds of lessons with over one thousand coaching hours under his belt.

Alan was recently appointed as Guernsey’s first Outdoor and Adventure Sports Development Officer. The aim of the role is to make outdoor and adventure sports accessible to the whole community, not just those who can afford it. Doing things safely (especially on the water) and teaching people the skills needed to enjoy various sports is Alan’s priority. But teaching about the local environment, tides, and weather is also important to Alan’s teaching philosophy.

When does Alan use LifeJacket and why?

I love discovering new brands and do quite a bit of product research before becoming a consumer. LifeJacket Skin Protection came onto my radar a few years ago and I loved the look of the brand. When they sent over a trial pack, I just loved the approach and have been a customer ever since. In addition to the skincare, I wore their rash vest for all of my lessons last year. Not only did it offer exceptional protection but also allowed my skin to breath.

It’s really important to find that balance between safety, skin protection and style and LifeJacket seems to hit the mark repeatedly. Their products are now a regular part of my routine, both on and off the water. I’ve got a particular interest in sun protection as both my parents have had skin cancer, so I’ve always been supportive of sun protection drives.

Where to see Alan in action?

Guernsey….at his very own SUP school, Guernsey SUP.