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Liam Peacock

World champion GB wakeboarder

About Liam

Liam is a professional wakeboarder and extreme athlete who is – in his own words – the king of double flips and always pushing for triple flips. That gives you a sense of Liam’s prowess on a wakeboard and what’s in his bag of tricks.

Despite wiping out on a wakeboard at the age of six, Liam wasn’t put off the sport and is currently up there with the best in the world. Liam competes internationally and recently came first at Rockstar Yard Sale in Georgia, USA (for the second time). He’s been the British champion and has also been on the podium twice at the World Championships.

When Liam isn’t on the water, he’s in the gym training, on a trampoline improving his fitness and aerial awareness or on a mountain bike with his brother, Ryan, who’s also an awesome wakeboarder and LifeJacket ambassador.

The Peacock Brothers have become a brand in their own right on the international wakeboard scene. Both Ryan and Liam travel, teach, compete and perform at wakeboard parks all over the world. They’re also keen videographers and have a really entertaining YouTube channel that showcases their talents and diarises what they’re up to (see link below).

When does Liam use LifeJacket and why?

I use LifeJacket because protecting myself from the sun on the water is important to me and I also love the branding and message they’re spreading. It’s also important to me so that I’m able to keep traveling and getting out on the water!

Where to see Liam in action?

See more of Liam on social or The Peacock Brothers YouTube channel and website