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Steve Wilson

Melanoma survivor

About Steve

Steve is married to Angie with two beautiful daughters, Abbie and Erin. Diagnosed with melanoma in 2010, a life-changing diagnosis that was not expected, Steve has gone on to not only make positive changes in his own life but has continued to be an inspiration to many with his fund raising and work to increase the awareness of the importance of good skin health.

Like so many who have been diagnosed with skin cancer, Steve, a proud supporter of Melanoma UK, continues to live with the disease. His diagnosis of stage 3 C melanoma means there is a 66% chance of the cancer returning. If ever there was someone to listen to and learn from when it comes to the importance of good skin health, it is Steve.

When does Steve use LifeJacket and why?

I still love being outdoors but now I use protection and that’s why I love LifeJacket so much. It is so easy to apply , it does not get stuck in the hairs on my arms and it soaks in fantastically on my face even with a good bit of stubble on. When you think about it, how much time do you spend outdoor without putting protection on? Walking the dog, going for a jog , playing golf and just sitting with a beer in the garden – it all adds up to a lot of UV exposure. Statistically, Melanoma is is on the rise and effects men significantly more than women. Life Jacket is giving your skin the protection it needs from the damage it doesn’t need. Don’t be a stat like me!

Where to see Steve in action?

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