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Tom Barras

GB and Olympic rower

About Tom

Tom started rowing at the age of 11 at Burway RC near Staines, under the tutelage of Jim Mathieson and has since proved himself to be a great sculling talent. Having won multiple domestic titles, Tom’s standout performances have come representing Great Britain; with 2 World Cup series wins sitting alongside his World Championship Bronze medal from Sarasota, 2021 saw Tom realise a life ambition of not only racing at an Olympics but securing an absolutely incredible silver medal as part of the Men’s Quadruple Sculls.

Outside of rowing, Tom is a qualified and practising Physiotherapist- working evenings, after training, at a musculoskeletal outpatient practice in Maidenhead. He loves trying to make a difference, solving problems and seeing the World. 

When does Tom use LifeJacket and why?

Having watched family members struggle as a result of cancer, I truly believe in the importance of skin protection. LifeJacket has a superb philosophy, aimed at reducing the risk of damage caused by the sun. They have enlightened me to the harmful effects the sun still has even on cloudy, cold days and properly advised me on the quantity of sunscreen needed to stay protected. 

From a sporting perspective, LifeJacket also works for me. Stylish, non-greasy, only lightly fragranced, it is easy to apply and comfortable to train in… no more constant squinting needed from the generic sunscreen that drips into your eyes!

Where to see Tom in action?

See more of Tom on social or on the British Rowing website