Jordan Hurst

About Jordan

Jordan is a kiteboarder based on the South Coast of the UK. He kite surfs up and down the country and across the world, always exploring new spots. 

Growing up, Jordan was introduced to water sports from a young age by his dad who had been kitesurfing for many years, back when the sport had only just started. After a year of learning, Jordan quickly jumped right into the competition scene and made a name for himself in national and international competitions. During that time, Jordan became the UK junior champion, later advancing onto the international scene placing top 10 at the European Kitesurf Cup as well as 5th at the Junior World Championships. 

Outside of competition, Jordan throws himself at most of the disciplines kiteboarding has to offer. Whether that’s freestyle when the day is right or – when most people are too scared to venture out the house – you’ll see Jordan going crazy in the stormy sessions jumping over 20+ meters and throwing some mega loops! 

When does Jordan use LifeJacket and why?

LifeJacket is an awesome brand with a story and passion that’s paramount. Spending hours on the water most days, it’s so important to me to stay protected. As a kiteboarder, my playground is pretty harsh If I don’t take the right steps to look after my skin. Sun, salt and wind can be a lethal cocktail! My personal favourites is the SPF 50+ Mineral Sun Stick to stay protected on the water and the Daily Repair Moisturiser at the end of the day after a long session. 

Where to see Jordan in action?

See more of Jordan on social or YouTube.