Max Rowe

About Max

Max started his windsurfing career working out in Vassiliki, Greece for Club Vass in 2007. His introduction to the world stage came just three years later when he placed 11th at the Fuerteventura 2010 World Cup event. In the ten years since Max has been a regular at all of the PWA world tour stops, finishing 4 of his ten years competing as the highest ranked British windsurfer in his discipline. He has been ranked amongst the top 5 in Europe, and alongside competition he has been heavily involved in the R&D side of freestyle windsurfing equipment development.

Max spends most of his time out in Vassiliki, Greece working as the beach manager for Club Vass and when the season finishes up there you’ll most likely find him in Maui or Cape Town

When does Max use LifeJacket and why?

For me almost everyday involves some exposure to the sun and with my skin type there’s no hiding the results if you don’t properly protect yourself. When I’m getting ready for a day at work out in Greece I start my day by applying the SPF 50 Life Jacket Sun Gel, I love the lightweight feel of it and how it still offers long lasting protection even when you’re getting thrown around in the water. For my demands that’s the ultimate combination!

Where to see Max in action?

See more of Max’s on his website and on social