Make a saving and buy one of our pre-built bundles covering your cleanser, moisturiser, SPF and skin protection needs. These packs are ideal for gifts and all products are suitable for sensitive skin.

Essentials Set


Moisturiser Set


Weekender Set


Mountain Set


Family Pack


Watersports Set


Daily Protection

Get your everyday skin protection routine essentials from our body and face wash bars that hydrate and protect your skin barrier, to our bestselling SPF 30 Daily Protection Facial Moisturiser and Daily Repair Moisturiser for sore skin and overnight recovery. All suitable for sensitive skin.

Sun Protection

Use our high performance, non-greasy and lightweight sun protection range, including SPF 30 and SPF 50+ sunscreens, an SPF 50+ Mineral Sun Stick and our SPF 50+ Sun Spray, all suitable for sensitive skin.

UPF Protection

Create a physical barrier between the sun and your skin with our UV-blocking UPF 50+ clothing for casual, everyday, sports and active wear. Our UPF 50+ fabrics keep you skin-safe in strong sun.


Straight from the LifeJacket laboratory, these are highly specialised products for very specific skin protection needs. We also put our bespoke, refill eco-packaging in this category.