Melanoma UK: how their amazing work could help you

Between Jono, Rob and me, we’re always pretty quick to realise our shortfalls here at LifeJacket.

As we started to speak to more and more of our customers, one (of many) areas where we felt we were lacking was how to support those who are concerned about, have been diagnosed with, or know somebody with melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers.

That’s where the amazing charity and patient support group, Melanoma UK, comes in.

In April 2007, Gillian Nuttall gave up her job in Law to start Melanoma UK after one of her great friends, Jon Herron, died of melanoma skin cancer. Stating the obvious, Jon was a man. Tragically, he was only 28 years old. During his brave battle, Jon told Gillian how surprised he was by the lack of awareness programmes and support groups surrounding melanoma.

Fourteen years later (at the time of writing) and Melanoma UK is now the UK’s leading melanoma charity. What distinguishes the team from other charities is that they’re a patient-led group i.e. they help and support ‘real’ patients and their loved ones. It’s not just raising money and awareness, it’s pastoral care. Today, the charity is led and run by Gillian with the very capable Diane (‘big bird’) Cannon as her sidekick.

If you ever need to talk to somebody about anything skin cancer related, we couldn’t endorse Melanoma UK more highly and we’d strongly encourage you to reach out to them here. As a prominent charity, they have a depth of knowledge, contacts, medical advisers and relationships who can help. If you’re not based in the UK, message them and they may well be able to suggest who to talk to.

Melanoma UK selected LifeJacket Skin Protection to be one of their corporate partners. They’re also our charity of choice and we’re seriously proud of it.