#TakeLifeOutside with Harry Timson


Posted on 13/10/21

In this month’s edition of LifeJacket’s #TakeLifeOutside series, we went down to the famous Fistral beach in Newquay, Cornwall, to catch-up with Harry Timson, one of the UK’s most progressive pro surfers.

Said by some to be one of the best surfers to come out of the UK in years, we were seriously excited to get down to Cornwall and see Harry in action.

In his own words, Harry’s surf goals are to “get the sickest shots I can; bigger and better stuff than anyone else”.

And boy does it show…

We picked Harry up at home super early and headed to the beach. The weather was gritty but, luckily, we found a window for Harry to get in the water and show us some of his skills. It’s just incredible to see it live, in the flesh.

Once everybody had dried down, Harry took us down to his local surf shop where we had a chat about how he got into surfing, why he loves it and what it has meant to him over the years. Check out the short film below and listen to Harry’s words: surfing can be for anyone, of any age and ability.

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