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Guy Ilott

Dad and weekend warrior

About Guy

Guy’s an ordinary dad wanting to do extraordinary things.

Based in Oxfordshire, UK, Guy is all about running trails, pushing mindset and moving forward during times of adversity. His mantra is: run, walk or crawl, just never give up. Guy loves the challenge and achievement of trail and ultra running.

During July 2020, Guy ran every day finishing on the 31st day of the month with an ultra marathon. In total, Guy ran 265 miles in the month, equivalent to ten marathons.

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When does Guy use LifeJacket and why?

My favourite LifeJacket product is the Daily Repair Moisturiser. It’s perfect post ultra shower to feel refreshed before enjoying a well earned cold one with friends.

LifeJacket has totally changed my opinion on skin protection and how I look after my skin when outside on the trails. I also enjoy not smelling like a Piña colada when running!

Where to see Guy in action?

See more of Guy here on social.