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Our gift to you: skin checking with SkinVision

Our gift to you: skin checking with SkinVision

According to the World Health Organisation, men are almost twice as likely as women to die of skin cancer, across North America, Australasia and much of Europe. Incidence rates of male skin cancer are also forecast to double over the next 20 years.

It was this discovery that led to the creation of LifeJacket. And while we always want to be a positive brand that celebrates taking life outside, these two data points anchor us and bind our community together.

The question to ask is why are men more susceptible than women? Is men's skin or physiology so different to women's that it causes this disparity?

While research continues on possible reasons or differences, we believe there are societal and behavioural reasons. But before exploring those, let's go back to first principals, as we like to do!

Protect and detect

Fundamentally, skin cancer is one of the most preventable forms of cancer. That's because according to research, 90% of melanomas are related to UV exposure. Secondly, when caught early, skin cancer is highly curable.

So, logic dictates that prevention is best approached in two ways: protection from UV and early detection. The trouble is that, behaviourally, men could be a lot better at doing both. And to exacerbate this, society - on the whole - doesn't talk to men about skin protection. By society, I mean journalists, media and people with influence.

Putting our frustrations to one side, we understand that skin protection is a hassle, that it isn't front of mind and that you might not always have it the moment you need it. The LifeJacket product range attempts to address all of those pain points: we made portable sachets, we designed grease-free skincare, we integrated SPF into daily moisturisers and we created clothing that blocks UV. All of these considerations attempt to save time or hassle and introduce convenience to your regime.

However, we've never been able to support you when it comes to 'detection'. And, actually, we feel that detection is men's biggest issue. Almost every week, we speak to somebody new who left a mark on their skin for too long because 'life got in the way'. Going to get something checked out by a doctor is a distraction, it might be too expensive or you might just think it's nothing. But leaving it could be fatal. And we've heard a lot of stories where it has been.

Just to emphasise this, watch Professor Larkin, one of the UK's pre-eminent skin cancer experts, give his view on men and melanoma.


Breaking news

With that in mind, we've got some amazing news...

We've now partnered with SkinVision.

And, most importantly, that's great news for you.

What is SkinVision?

SkinVision is a phone app you can use to take photos of moles and marks on your skin.

Today, SkinVision is the leading service for the early detection of skin cancer with over 1.2 million users in 50+ countries worldwide. The BSI-certified app uses clinically validated technology to assess smartphone photos of skin spots and moles for the most common types of skin cancer. Its AI technology provides an instant risk assessment and recommendations on the next steps to take, including whether to visit a dermatologist. While this doesn't replace the role of professional dermatologist, it helps you get into the practice of checking your skin and assessing any risk areas early on.

How does it work?

Use the app from the comfort of home to create a map of the moles and marks on your body allowing you to track everything photographically. As soon as you need to re-check things, the app reminds you and it will tell you if you should check things out further.

The app uses artificial intelligence to compare a your skin spots with millions of images of known skin cancers to provide a risk score.

If you receive a high-risk score through the SkinVision Smartcheck, your result is reviewed by a clinician before you're encouraged to contact a dermatologist.

The app demonstrated a sensitivity rate of 95.1% and specificity rate of 78.3% in the most recent peer reviewed clinical trial.

What's the deal for you?

With every LifeJacket website purchase, you'll get FREE seven day, unlimited access to SkinVision.

If you choose to upgrade to a 12 month subscription, we've secured a 50% DISCOUNT for all LifeJacket customers taking the price down to just £25 (of which, £4 is donated to our charity partner, Melanoma UK).

Spending £25 for a piece of technology that encourages you to check your skin regularly - in a hassle free way - and potentially save your life, seems like a good trade to us.

How do I use it?

SkinVision's body map is a quick and easy way to keep track of your skin spots.

  • Tap on the body map on your screen and take a photo
  • SkinVision’s algorithm will assess your skin spot and recommend the next steps to take
  • The icons on the body map also give you a quick indication of which spots need your attention.

If you need more information or instructions on how to use SkinVision’s features, head to their FAQ page here.

Holistic skin protection

It's one thing for us to say get outside, do what you love doing and protect your skin at the same time. That's behaviour change #1. But as Professor Larkin described in the video, this ignores another important part of skin cancer prevention: early detection. We also need men to make behaviour change #2 and check their skin every 2-3 months.

Just like LifeJacket's product range, we hope this SkinVision partnership removes any excuses you might have had in the past not to look after yourself. From the comfort of your own home, put your mind at rest with hassle-free, convenient and low friction skin checking using just your phone.

Not many brands will go as far as we have to offer you holistic skin protection so take advantage!