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Brian Smith

Former professional road cyclist, British road champion and now 'the' voice of cycling.

About Brian

Brian had an illustrious career as a professional bike rider, then in team management and now in TV commentary. Brian has one of the most distinctive voices in the cycling world, as expert commentator for British Eurosport.

Originally, Brian’s passion was football but his cycling-loving parents bought him a pair of cycling shoes one Christmas and the rest is history. What started off as a pastime to keep his father happy, it became clear that Brian had the grit, competitiveness and talent to become a professional bike rider.

While Brian won a number of races, his key palmarès includes two wins as British road champion and he competed in the 1996 Olympic road race representing Great Britain as well as the 1986, 1990 and 1998 Commonwealth Games representing Scotland.

When Brian retired from professional cycling in 1999, he had a brief but instructive period working in ‘real world’ sales before going back into cycling and, specifically, team management. Brian had various roles working for CSC, Endura Racing/NetApp Endura and MTN–Qhubeka/Team Dimension Data between 2008 and 2016.

Since 2009, Brian has also been one of the most distinctive voices on British Eurosport where he commentates on major cycling events, including the Tour de France. Brian’s no nonsense, clear-talking and analytical delivery has earned him the nickname ‘The Coach’, supported – of course – by his brief stint in team management. Brian applies the same degree of studious hard work to TV commentary as he did to training as a professional cyclist and this is just one of the things that sets him apart.

Originally from Paisley in Glasgow, Brian now lives just outside of London with his partner and two sons. To this day, Brian loves to get outdoors on the bike, go for a hike or stand on the sidelines supporting his boys on the football and rugby fields.

When does Brian use LifeJacket and why?

I love keeping active and much of my activities are outdoors. We all remember getting sunburn at some stage in our lives and the memories are not pleasant. I’m one that does not like wearing sun cream like many of our kids. We know it’s important and should lead by example. With Lifejacket, I’ve found products that I use on a daily basis without the greasy feeling and increased sweating in sport. The moisturiser element is refreshing and something I have done as part of my daily routine. Now I am also protected from the harmful UV rays. My family are important to me and now feel safe that LifeJacket products will protect them and allow them to keep active like myself. Everyone should protect themselves and their family against something you don’t see until it’s too late…

Where to see Brian in action?

See more of The Coach on his Twitter and Instagram pages.