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Liam Royce Ulla

Founder of not-for-profit eco foundation, Coacoara

About Liam

Liam’s one of those people you should be jealous of but it’s impossible because he’s too damn cool and an awesome guy to boot.

Liam’s mum and step dad were super supportive of him at an early age and encouraged him to try everything from ice hockey, to basketball to sailing. He was pretty good at all of them and represented teams at a really decent standard but it was Liam’s 21st birthday present from his mum that set him on the journey to his current passion. On this particular birthday, Liam opened an envelope with kite-surfing lessons in it. With his experience on the water and understanding wind and sailing (thanks to his step dad), he quickly became a natural. In his first ever competition, Liam became the British amateur kitesurf champion in 2019 and quickly got spotted. He’s now a semi-pro kitesurfer who rides for Duotone and H20.

At the same time, Liam also runs a chauffeur business with his business partner and best mate. Finally, Liam runs a not-for-profit foundation called Coacoara that’s trying to reduce the use of single use plastics and eliminate damage to the oceans.

Now do you see what we mean?

Stay tuned to hear all about Liam’s progress across all his ventures.

When does Liam use LifeJacket and why?

LifeJacket has become part of my daily routine to ensure I’m keeping my skin protected on the go. I use it everyday, on the water and on my travels.

The ethos of LifeJacket is something close to my heart and I’m stoked to be apart of this dope brand!

Where to see Liam in action?

See more of Liam on social and read about Coacoara, Liam’s not-for-profit foundation.