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Sam Brand

Professional cyclist for Team Novonordisk

About Sam

Sport has been Sam’s passion since an early age – in particular triathlon and football. Sam got involved in triathlon through his dad, who competed at two World Triathlon Championships while Sam was growing up.

However, at the age of 10, Sam was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. After a fast and steep learning curve, Sam didn’t let Diabetes stop him doing what he loved most. He never viewed his Diabetes as a bad thing and always believed that it gave him a routine, something a lot of people don’t necessarily have. Furthermore, routine is something which goes hand in hand with professional sport.

At university, Sam joined the triathlon squad to see what he could do, to provide an outlet from academic work and because it was a great way to structure his diabetes and keep it in check.

During his first competitive season, Sam qualified and raced in the World Triathlon Championships in London, going on to represent Great Britain the following year at the 2014 World Championships in Canada. During this time, Sam was asked to represent Team Novo Nordisk, an all Diabetic sports team racing to “Inspire, Educate and Empower those affected by Diabetes”. His love for Triathlon only grew when he represented Great Britain again in 2015 at the European Championships in Geneva. At the end of the 2015 season, Sam finished second at the British Triathlon Championships.

In 2016, Sam decided to focus 100% on cycling and joined the Team Novo Nordisk development team. Following 18 months at the team’s base in Atlanta, Georgia, Sam moved up to the professional team as a stagiaire (intern). Following a successful stint in the pro-team for the second half of the 2017 season, racing in the Tour of Utah, Colorado Classic, Tour of China 1 & 2 and the Tour of Hainan, Sam signed his first professional contract with Team Novo Nordisk in 2018.

Sam is now a professional cyclist representing Team Novo Nordisk. In 2020, he’s racing at the Circuito de Getxo and the Tour de Pologne. Alongside cycling, Sam is focused on using his knowledge and experience to help, inspire and positively impact people living with diabetes.

When does Sam use LifeJacket and why?

Obviously for my job I spend hours and hours and day on day outside under the sun. LifeJacket only enhances this experience, keeping me protected on a daily basis, through both training and racing. Their sun protection and moisturiser are, in my own words, perfect. Hours on the bike and it feels amazing. I couldn’t be happier with it.

Where to see Sam in action?

Sam’s own website and on social