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Tom Livingstone

Professional climber

About Tom

Tom’s a professional rock climber, mountaineer and acclaimed outdoor writer, based in North Wales, UK.

In Tom’s own words, climbing is “everything, it’s the meaning of life: to climb and climb and climb. You feel small. You appreciate your place in the mountains, and in the world. I realise how much I rely on my partner(s), and they on me. The exposure, the independence, the commitment, the uncertainties, all make for a rich adventure.”

World-renowned mountaineer, Sir Chris Bonington, describes Tom as “one of the finest climbers in the world, always using the purest techniques”.

While Tom has received awards for his climbing he doesn’t believe in awards for alpinism and they’re not important to him. “If you travel through beautiful mountains; if you spend months of your life in Base Camps; if you burn through thousands of Pounds chasing a dream; and if you’re lucky to climb something which means a lot to you… you’ll know. How can you possibly measure this against others’ experiences? I don’t think you can easily measure success in alpine climbing. We should climb in the mountains to lose the ego and self – not to be a slave to it.”

Tom’s passionate about traditional, winter and alpine climbing and while he loves climbing at home in Wales, he’s climbed mountains around the world. Some of his favourite routes include Cracking Up (Wales), The Fourth Dimension (Wales), Fun or Fear (Alaska), The Secret (Ben Nevis), Rare Lichen (Wales), Conan the Librarian (Wales), Divine Providence (Mont Blanc massif), a winter ascent of the Walker Spur (Mont Blanc massif), The Great Game (Koyo Zom, Pakistan) and the North Ridge Variation on (Latok I, Pakistan)

Tom has been been alpine climbing ‘full time’ for six years and has been sponsored for the last two. He feels fortunate to be able to climb in the mountains given the appeal of them and despite their risks.

When does Tom use LifeJacket and why?

I use sun cream because I don’t want to get sun burnt!

Being outside or in the mountains means I’m more susceptible to sunburn, so I use the strongest products I can find.

I think it’s important to look after my skin – good health is one of the most important things in life. 

Where to see Tom in action?

See more of Tom on social or on his own website which has some amazing climbing photography, films and a really great blog.

Photo credit: Nadir Khan Photography