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Stand-Up Paddle UK co-founder, Darren Farrar, tells us what's in his bag

Stand-Up Paddle UK co-founder, Darren Farrar, tells us what's in his bag

Darren Farrar is passionate when it comes to paddleboarding. Stand-up paddleboarding, to be exact. He forms part of the Stand-Up Paddle UK community, dedicated to bringing fellow paddlers together, sharing stories, how-to videos, safety guidance, and even reviewing equipment (so you know you’re in good hands here.)

Over the years, Darren has paddled around Britain’s coasts, in rivers, and abroad. It’s a pursuit that requires more than a paddle board alone, but once started can become seriously addictive. “Like most people, I saw a guy on the canal paddleboarding, I had no clue what he was doing but I was intrigued,” he tells us, “The next day I went to my local lake and I’ve been a paddleboarder ever since.” We asked Darren to share the five things he puts in his bag – just to get you prepped for your next trip down to the coast. And if you’re interested in learning more (as you no doubt will be) follow Stand-Up Paddle UK to attend one of their future meets or advice.

Without further ado, here are Darren’s five essentials.

1. Paddle Board (of course)

My BluefinSup Sprint Carbon 14 is my go to board. It’s the perfect board for touring, whenever I take a trip down to the river or along the coastal lines. It’s ideal for higher speeds and longer distances and is known for its maneuverability, and because it’s inflatable and easy to carry!

2. GoPro Hero Pro 9

Because I run the @StandUpPaddleUK community, I’m always testing and reviewing equipment, or showing people what to do with their board and other tools. It’s a necessity for me to be able to capture and share the trips. The GoPro Hero Pro 9 shoots in stunning 5k and is waterproof. Which is an obvious bonus.

3. Palm Equipment ‘Ace’ Buoyancy Aid

Potentially life saving when things go wrong. And you never know when that might be… Easy to adjust, it’s just as smooth competing on whitewater as it is cruising around a bay. And is ICF accredited for slalom competitions.

4. Red Original Waterproof Pouch

We’ve tested this a ton. It’s pivotal kit, trust me… 100% waterproof and reliable. It houses my car keys, phone, and obviously my LifeJacket sunscreen. When heading out onto the water one of the biggest concerns is what to do with your personal belongings. This keeps all those essential items close to hand without the fear of them getting lost, damaged or stolen.

5. Garmin Instinct Solar Surf

This tracks all my paddles, helps me read tides, and is solar powered too! It’s water-resistant up to 100 metres and allows me to read smart notifications while I’m out there. It certainly makes my paddles more convenient. Nifty kit.

Keep up to speed with Darren’s SUP exploits by following his @StandUpPaddleUK Instagram page. Send him a message to learn more about the community and how you can make a start yourself.