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Entrepreneur and well-being advocate, Ty Temel, tells us what's in his bag

Entrepreneur and well-being advocate, Ty Temel, tells us what's in his bag

Ty Temel is definitely somebody who embodies the #TakeLifeOutside spirit.

‘As humans we tend to attach our happiness to ’things’, material things like cars, houses, holidays, but these can easily be taken away from you, so your happiness is constantly at risk. If we attach our happiness to things that are free, like getting outside, nature, exploring, then nobody can take that away from us, we'll always have that happiness’.

Ty is a Dorset based entrepreneur, well-being advocate and all round nice guy. He's the owner of multiple businesses in Bournemouth including R1SE Gym, Halo nightclub and founder of the Sandfest Festival, returning this year after a two year hiatus.

He uses his social platforms to inspire and encourage people to embrace the outdoors, and can be found live on Instagram most mornings on a 5K run and sea swimming off Bournemouth beach, encouraging people to get down and join him, which is how our paths crossed.

He's also an ambassador and active fundraiser for Dorset Mind, a charity close to his heart after many of his peers have suffered from mental health problems and he's seen first hand people suffering in the fast-paced, high pressure entertainment industry.

We sat down with Ty for our new #TakeLifeOutside video series and at the same time asked him what he counts as his absolute kit bag essentials...

1. Mophie portable charger

I try not to stay too connected to my phone all day, but being out and about and running multiple businesses I can’t afford to be without power. It’ll stress me out more if it runs out of battery than it will it if rings all day! This Mophie charger is compact, lightweight and charges up my phone super fast. I

2. Dry Robe

This last year I’ve got really into my early morning sea swimming, it’s become a bit of an addiction! There are a group of us that meet on Bournemouth beach nearly every morning, we do a quick 5k run and then we’re straight in for a dip. In winter it’s brutal and my Dry Robe has been a lifesaver, literally! I wouldn’t go to the beach without it now. Instant warmth, dryness and comfort, no wonder that they have got so popular.

3. Precision hydration tablets

I try and drink as much water as I can, but like most people it’s hard to get in those daily litres. If im out running and swimming in the morning, or doing a HIIT at Rise Gym I make sure I get a hydration drink inside me straight after to get the most out of those electrolytes. These Precision tablets actually taste decent unlike others out there so it’s a bit of treat having one of these each day.

4. LifeJacket SPF 30 Sun Gel

Since discovering LifeJacket I’m an SPF convert. I’ve always been aware of the risks of the sun on our skin but I never considered the need for year round skin protection. I use the daily protection moisturiser every morning and if I’m outside for any prolonged period of time I always use the SPF 30 Sun Gel.

5. R1SE protein flapjacks

At R1SE Gym in Bournemouth, our new cafe, The Hangout, makes the most awesome food, it’s full of proper wholesome, fresh options that are just what you need after a workout. The flapjacks are insane and good fuel for when I’m heading out on a longer run with the boys. I’m biased I know, but I’ve never had a better flapjack.

To learn more about Ty, visit his instagram.