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Pro wakeboarder, Ryan Peacock, tells us what's in his bag

Pro wakeboarder, Ryan Peacock, tells us what's in his bag

In this month's LifeKit, LifeJacket Ambassador and pro wakeboarder, Ryan Peacock, tells us which five items he counts as his kit bag essentials.

Ryan loves videography and photography which explains why his daily necessities mix tech and wakeboarding. 

Check out Ryan on Instagram to see all his talent and skills in one place as well as YouTube where Ryan and his brother, Liam, run a brilliant channel called The Peacock Brothers that's full of tips, tricks and some big laughs.  

Over to you Ryan...

Hyperlite Guara

This for me is one of the most fun cable boards to shred. Super playful and snappy on the water and locked-in presses on the rails just feel great. I ride a size 148 as I feel as though this works best for my style of riding; easy manoeuvrability for getting techy on rails but also great for big kicker landings!


Probably the most powerful camera for a great value, the GoPro is an essential piece of kit for me. Being a completely waterproof action camera boasting some seriously impressive technical specs, the GoPro allows us to capture all the action on the water and creates some visually stunning shots! My favourite mode to film in is definitely vertical 2.7K 200 fps for those crispy looking super slow mo shots

Sony A7IV

My trusty camera! Over the past few years filming and photography have become a huge passion in my life. Being able to capture and build an archive of insane shots and memories from my adventures seems very special to me. I have an assortment of different lenses which sometimes makes my life as a frequent traveller difficult because I can’t take everything with me all the time. Sometimes I do really push what's possible on the weight restriction side of things for my flight hand luggage, haha!

Macbook Pro

Of course with all the camera gear I’ve amassed over the years you need a machine that’s capable of actually doing something with the clips and photos that I shoot. I’ve always been a bit of a computer geek from a young age and I always love learning new things. The retina screen really enhances one of my favourite parts of the editing process which is the colour grading and I'm really not sure how I would survive without the ability to quickly send huge files via airdrop!

Airpod Pro

Nothing better than having a sick soundtrack playing in my ears when I’m getting stuff done or when you hear that new video tune for the first time. When a banger comes on I can always visualise some close up, slow motion shots and I think that music definitely plays a huge part in my creative style. The noise cancelation is definitely a saving grace when you find yourself sat next to a crying baby on a long haul flight!!!