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Pro snowboarder, Jamie Nicholls, tells us what's in his bag

Pro snowboarder, Jamie Nicholls, tells us what's in his bag

Jamie Nicholls is a British pro snowboarder and two-time Winter Olympian. He's travelled across the world for some of the biggest events and competitions out there.

As an elite athlete operating in a very particular environment, having the best kit is critical. Especially, considering Jamie's laser focus on getting into the medals for Team GB at the 2026 Winter Olympics in Milan.

Whether he's training at the dry slope or competing on Europe's great mountains and snow parks, Jamie relies on a few core pieces of gear and that's what we wanted to find out.

Over to you Jamie…

Nitro Team Snowboard

This snowboard is great for all round mountain riding, I use it in most of my everyday riding. It’s a great park board too and I take it to all my competitions. Nitro Snowboards was the brand I wanted to ride for a while back and I'm really happy they're still one of my main sponsors today. All the gear is well made, strong and long-lasting. I know it's a brand I can always rely on.

Apple iPhone

Well I’m guessing everyone knows why they take a phone with them on the mountain but for me it's about being able to stay in contact, help if I get lost or to film content while riding.

ThruDark Rōnin Snow Jacket & Pants

This is amazing technical outerwear that's super light and great for all conditions on the mountain. I literally can’t go without it. ThruDark is a brand I started working with recently. I followed their journey for a while, loved what they stand for and the brand. Everything about the clothing is well tested and thought out, down to the very small details. It's the best outerwear I've used snowboarding and highly recommend it.

Smith Maze Helmet

I use the Smith Maze in black even though sometimes I ride the piste without one, I always have it with me. I use it all the time in the park and when training. It’s a very important part of my kit. It's also super light which is great as you don't want a heavy lid on your head. It's almost like it's not actually there when you're wearing it.

Smith I/O Mag goggles

I use the Smith IO-MAGS. They're really important to me and an absolutely nightmare if I forgot them. I always carry spare lenses too in case the weather changes. 100% need to protect my eyes. I also like the peripheral vision on these goggles, so they're great for riding jumps and rails especially as you want to be able to see as much as you can when riding into them and spotting your landings.