SPF 50+ Sun Gel

Our version of an SPF 50+ sunscreen, available in 100ml and 200ml

Our lightweight, non-greasy and water resistant Sun Gel is a game changer and won’t get in the way of what you’re doing. Turn your back on thick, heavy, greasy creams that smell of coconuts and get stuck in your hair. Our sunscreen glides onto the skin, absorbs quickly, doesn’t get stuck in hair and doesn’t leave any residue on your hands. It doesn’t compromise on high performance either: rated SPF 50+, UVA, UVA 5* Ultra. Choose between 100ml and 200ml. Also available in pocket-friendly 10ml sachets (see website shop page)

Fresh linen fragrance
Used by professional athletes because it’s lightweight, non-greasy and doesn’t cause stinging or burning, particularly in the eyes
Water resistant and cruelty free
Engineered using first class ingredients and formulation technology
For all skin types and clinically approved for sensitive skin
For full ingredients, see the ‘Ingredients’ tab on our website product page (next to ‘Reviews’)

7-day unlimited access to the mole-checking app, SkinVision, on every order. Use the app to map, monitor and get instant feedback without leaving the house. Skin checking is just as important as daily skin protection. Upgrade to a 12m license for just £25 (a 50% saving for our customers). All details on our website.

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  • WHAT IS IT? Our version of an SPF 50+ sunscreen, available in 100ml and 200ml
  • WHY’S IT FOR YOU? Our lightweight, non-greasy and water resistant Sun Gel is a game changer and won’t get in the way of what you’re doing. Turn your back on thick, heavy, greasy creams that smell of coconuts and get stuck in your hair. Our sunscreen glides onto the skin, absorbs quickly, doesn’t get stuck in hair and doesn’t leave any residue on your hands. It doesn’t compromise on high performance either: rated SPF 50+, UVA, UVA 5* Ultra. Choose between 100ml and 200ml. Also available in pocket-friendly 10ml sachets (see Shop)
    • Fresh linen fragrance
    • Used by professional athletes because it’s lightweight, non-greasy and doesn’t cause stinging or burning, particularly in the eyes
    • Water resistant and cruelty free
    • Engineered using first class ingredients and formulation technology
    • For all skin types and clinically approved for sensitive skin
    • For full ingredients, see the ‘Ingredients’ tab below (by ‘Reviews’)
  • YOU ALSO GET… 7-day unlimited access to the mole-checking app, SkinVision, on every order. Use the app to map, monitor and get instant feedback without leaving the house. Skin checking is just as important as daily skin protection. Upgrade to a 12m license for just £25 (a 50% saving for our customers). Read more
Our tip: For face and body coverage on mid to high strength UV days when you'll be outdoors for a while
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We created LifeJacket after several close friends experienced cancer at a young age. Skin cancer is the world's most common cancer. It is forecast to double over the next 20 years. Our vision is to stop the increase by inspiring you to protect your skin every day.


Taking better care isn’t just about preventing skin cancer though. Your skin is under attack every day - all year round - from harsh weather, central heating, pollution, smoke and stress to UV. We believe year-round protected skin is healthy skin and healthy skin is a happier you.


Developed with industry experts, our products are used by everyday folk (like us), professional athletes, Olympians and our team of epic brand ambassadors. Make LifeJacket an everyday essential for your long-term skin health.


Recognised for our commitment to skin cancer prevention, our work with charity partner, Melanoma UK, and our educational campaign, more and more people are noticing what we’re up to. This is long-term project but it’s always good to know we’re making waves.

Reviews for SPF 50+ Sun Gel

  1. George Georgiou

    Easy to apply, has protected me as far as i can tell!

  2. Jo

    The sachets were great for my jerseys back pocket and it was light, convenient and useful . The product smells really good- easy to apply and feels nice in the skin. I didn’t like the male specific labels on the product – I’m a woman and it was just as good for me. But I understand why you’re targeting men. I showed it around my cycling group – the guys through it was great and the girls were quite sniffy! A couple wouldn’t buy it becasue it said sun cream for men – it think that’s silly but I thought I’d let you know. I’m part of Amersham road cycling club – it might be worth sending some samples for people or sending me a marketing spiel and code I can put on the club website Good luck- it’s a fab product and a good idea – for everyone.

  3. David White

    I really like this product, it is easily applied, lezz as Ed skin feeling nice, is non-greasy and does not have the usual coconut sun cream smell, as someone who is active and regularly undertaking multiple outdoor sports, this has become a staple in my kit bag, especially given the heat of the sun lately.

  4. Andrew G

    Easy to apply and not as viscous as some other SPF 50 sun screens. A little goes a long way and you can see exactly what skin you have covered because of the white colour of the gel (which I would describe as a cream) on application. Gel soon ‘sinks in’ and is hardly noticeable. Very pleasant to use.

  5. Jo

    Amazing protection in excessive heat

  6. Ian homar

    Two days on the beach and no sun burn

  7. Dave, from Wiltshire

    Would have abbn a 5 but I found the product slightly graesy on my skin but not an issue for me. However my wife wasn’t to impressed with it rubbing off on her cheek. 🙂

  8. Martin Bromfield

    Doesn’t sting my eyes when I play golf and doesn’t feel greasy

  9. Adam Brewer

    It worked well

  10. Richie

    Light, non-greasy and great protection.

  11. Neil

    Good non greasy worked well in hot sun

  12. A Merricks

    I suffer from a sun allergy and have to use a high factor sun screen, most of them have a visible white residue, Lifejacket rubs in well, works and is invisible. Excellent product.

  13. John

    Rubs in easily. Not greasy.

  14. Mark

    I haven’t used this one yet as I have some existing 50+ still to use up

  15. Richie

    Light and non-sticky

  16. James

    So easy to apply, not an unpleasant smell. Doesn’t appear to stain clothes so far. Takes the chore and reluctance out of using sunscreen

  17. Martin

    I play golf and enjoy the outdoor. I have been on holiday here at home in Ireland. The sun does shine, and this product is the real deal. Easy to apply and offers long time protection

  18. Darren

    Really good protection, the only issue I have when cycling the lotion seems to stain components

  19. Danny Warburton

    Not the type of gel I expected. Feels more of a cream with similar viscosity.

  20. Liz Watmough

    Absolutely amazing stuff, used during the heatwave whilst out on the water paddleboarding on a high UV day for 3 hours. Gave me the skin protection I hoped for, no sunburn in sight, which I am very prone to, and my favourire part it didn’t drip into my eyes!! All other suncream products I have tried have dripped into my eyes causing them to burn and sting This product didn’t and I am now obsessed with it!! Definitely not just for men!!

  21. Kieran Reddie

    Honestly been the best sunscreen we’ve used, for level of protection, and for the feel on skin (not sticky/oily)

  22. Jon Tune

    In an very fair skinned and a cyclist. It’s does not feel that you have the cream on and does not also run with sweat.

  23. Ann Henderson

    Fantastic product. Unlike some creams you can exercise, get really sweaty and it doesn’t sting your eyes.

  24. Mark

    I was fed up of using sun cream that left me feeling hot and sticky! After seeing an online ad for the sun gel I thought I’d give it a try. I’m glad I did because it’s very, very good!

  25. Nicholas Smith

    It’s easy to put on spreads well and does the job

  26. Catherine

    Perfect if you don’t like the greasy feel of other sunscreen. 50+ Works brilliantly on my fair skin and lasts well. I know it’s supposed to be for men but I went for it because of the sachets so I can top up when I’m out cycling all day.

  27. Elliot

    Bought this along with the rest of the skincare range for added protection this summer. I’ve recently been treated goer skin cancer on my cheek which has left me really wary of the sun so this is that added protection I wanted.

  28. Robin

    Went on well, soaked in fairly quickly. Much better “feel” than the daily moisturiser!

  29. Beverley Clapham

    Wirks really well and isbt greasy

  30. Andrew Taylor

    Product is exactly as described.

  31. Mike

    Not sticky, hardly noticed I had applied it. Great quality

  32. Douglas Johnson

    Seems to do a really good job. With minimal re-application which I like.

  33. Nige

    Nice well thought out product, nicely presented.

  34. Rob

    It’s a very good cream, light, quickly absorbed, effective (I think – I never got sunburn and without my own lab and a PHD in chemistry, that’s all I can go on). Feel a bit misled because it’s called a ‘sun gel’, but it’s more like a thinner suncream….

  35. Sarah Jones

    Game changer! Rubs in quickly and gave excellent protection

  36. Sandy

    Purchased for my husband who has had some solar skin damage and has been advised to always wear SPF50. His hair is thinning and he has found general sun creams to be sticky when used on his crown flattening and greasing his hair. He also does it like the stickiness on his face. Although this gel initially makes his hair look wet it soon dries and bounces back. He is very happy and has switched to using LikeKacket SPF50.

  37. William MacRae

    Perfect! Brilliant protection

  38. Peter McLintock

    Absorbs nicely and doesn’t sting eyes like some lotions

  39. Claire Wright

    Absolutley! We were OW swimming and road cycling in Cyprus and not a burn in sight!

  40. Matthias ( Matt)

    Easy to apply

  41. Martin

    Product arrived in time for the onset of the hot, sunny weather – great. Again, quick and easy to use.

  42. Peter Bird

    I tohught I was buying a gel, as that what it calls itself, but I call it a cream as it is white and doesn’t spread as easily as a gel. I’m assuming the factor 50 works as I’ve only just started applying it, having exhausted my bottle of SunSense Sport 50.

  43. Steven

    Really good product, non greasy, easy to apply.

  44. Alan

    I suffer with sensitivity to the sun and have tried a multitude of products over the years. This product is absolutely great; it spreads so easily, dissapears in seconds without leaving any residue or stickyness, and seems to protect my skin all day. I use it on my face too, and it doesn’t run into your eyes or make your face itch so that you scratch and accidentally get into your eyes; I have actually got it in my eye though when I rubbed it with the sun gel still on my finger, and it really stings!! I guess just don’t put it in your eyes lol

  45. Elliott

    Happy with this product, high factors I used in the past have been thick but this applies quick and easy – which is great for a furry person like me!

  46. Patrick Egan

    Good some protection just descent is a little strong

  47. Mario Aigner

    Feels and smells great. Make sure you rub it in well to avoid white marks

  48. Alan Tait

    I think that a flip-top cap would be more convenient than the screw-top.

  49. Darren

    Amazing protection, not that greasy and felt secure in that i wouldn’t burn in the sun

  50. Mark Anderson

    Good all round products

  51. Mark

    I ran the Barcelona marathon in May and I used the Sun Gel for the race. Nothing ran into my eyes which has been a problem with other sun creams I’ve used. The gel felt very light on my skin and offered me very good protection in hot conditions. I couldn’t have been more pleased

  52. Monica FitzGerald

    Gave it to my son as he had a carsenoma removed from his head , he liked the prouduct ,

  53. Vanessa

    It’s non-greasy and smells nice, and protects my very pale skin so I’m very pleased with it

  54. Paul Kershaw

    So pleased with this product. Lightweight, great to wear while running and cycling, and doesn’t run into my eyes when sweating. Would highly recommed and would buy again for sure.

  55. Corrine

    Nice and light

  56. Ashley

    Very easy to apply, absorbes readily and feels nice on the skin. I would hope I was sensible in the sun, although we were in the Caribbean but LifeJacket seemed to perform very well indeed as a sunblock.

  57. A Davis

    I have always been apprehensive when buying sun cream. I burn easily and I sweat alot! I had seen good reviews through sporting publications so I took the plunge. Being an active golfer I spend a lot of time in the sun and burn very easily! The product has been brilliant. I was concerned by the reapply notice if sweaty etc but it has been brilliant. Not a sign of any burnings and after the initial application almost no sign of wearing suncream. Very pleased

  58. Sarah

    Game changer! I’m using the SPF 50 and loving everything about it. Still on holiday traveling around California and it stood the test of time in Las Vegas 36 degree heat and UV at VH – thanks Jono

  59. Stuart

    Working great and not greasy

  60. David Johnson

    Good protection, keeps the sunburn well at bay while out on the golf course.

  61. Ted

    I cycle quite a bit, and it really helps protect my face

  62. Simon Ramskill

    Able to use before exercise

  63. Peter

    Really like this product other producs with a good SPF seem to be too thick and take time to sink in

  64. Nathan

    Best sun cream ive used

  65. steven rudland

    it’s a really good product, easy to go on and customer service seems personal

  66. Gareth Grey

    Smells great & does the job

  67. Mark Saunders

    I ran the Barcelona marathon on 8th May and I used the Sun Gel for the race. Nothing ran into my eyes which has been a problem with other sun creams I’ve used. The gel felt very light on my skin and offered me very good protection in hot conditions

  68. Tracy

    Easy to apply, non greasy or sticky, subtle smell

  69. Peter Haigh

    Used a few times only when we have had decent sun and seems to do the job

  70. Paul

    Easy to apply and good value for money, not too greasy either.

  71. Mark

    Quick and non-greasy to apply, so better than “sports” gels and sprays

  72. Brian Ball

    Again easy to apply appears to work well

  73. Ted

    I’ve had melanoma so really important to use factor 50

  74. Jamie Scrase

    Used once so far for a day on the sea in sailing event safety boat. Worked fine but did leave marks/stains on my wetsuit. Would again love to see the same texture as daily repair.

  75. James Hudson

    Smells better than other high factors

  76. Mark Watson

    Smells nice and is not greasy.

  77. Lee

    Really easy to rub in , not greasy and sticky like other creams I’ve used before.

  78. Stephen Hopkins

    Even being fair skinned and easily burned, I’ve hated most sun creams as always felt greasy after application. The LifeJacket gel was much nicer and once absored in it felt like normal again. Was very effective, I was out running for 6 and a half hours on a cloudy day, and had no redness anywhere I had applied it – I forgot to put some on my knees, and it was clear to see how much of a difference it had made.

  79. Jennifer

    Overall very good, I like the smell a lot. It is somewhat less greasy than a typical sunscreen but not as non greasy as I hoped a sun gel would be

  80. Mike Richards

    I have suffered with basel carcinoma for many years so I have tried so many different creams and sprays which were all effective in their own right, but the application was always my dislike. With Lifejacket 50+ Gel I found it to be easily absorbed and not leaving you looking like a white sheet. I find if the appearance is not noticeable then you are more likely to apply it more often. Very important to prevent damaged skin.

  81. David Wright

    I spend alot of time on my bike either training or competing and need really good protection that will last the distance and I have found the Life Jacket 50+ works a treat in hot sweaty conditions. I have recommended it to many other friends as well. The individual use sachets are great for putting into your cycling jersey pockets for additional protection out on the road for those long days.

  82. Ian

    Product feels good and gives confidence of good protection

  83. Ben Ball

    This could become my go to protection I am comparing it to other products that I had previously purchased

  84. Kaz Berry

    Have been looking for a non greasy sun block that absorbs quickly for years! I am female and detest heavy creams on my skin and my children are even worse. They hate sand getting stuck on them after sunblock application and this helps stop that.

  85. James Metson

    Great protection and non greasy

  86. Andy

    Very easy to apply, non greasy

  87. Arran Parsons

    Easy to apply and non greasy. Great product all round!

  88. Marius

    Best suncream I have ever used

  89. Ian Pitman

    Easily absorbed and great protection / smell

  90. Richard

    Okay it’s white when first applied but soaked in after a short period

  91. James Jacobson

    Easily absorbed, unlike other factor 50 creams, this one rubs into the skin easily and quickly

  92. Paul B

    Excellent face protection in Egypt

  93. M Ritchie

    Very easy to apply and very effective in the sunshine on the snow

  94. Fi

    Use this on a younger child who has sensitive skin. Doesn’t cause their skin to crack or become irritated. Love the stuff

  95. Paul Baker

    Probably unnecessary for me this time. Let’s hope for a sunny summer.

  96. colin

    Very absorbent spf50 cream

  97. Ben

    Only tried once

  98. john white

    used across the last couple of weeks in spain early season sunshine. does as the advert says and goes on easily and protects properly . first time in ages that i havent goit burnt cant imagine i will ever use an alternative

  99. Paul

    Really good product. I’m outside a lot through work and play. Feel confident that I’m being protected ????

  100. Richard

    Have now used the SPF50 & SPF30 sun cream on a number of holidays, my wife and I are fair skinned so particularly careful. We have never burnt and always feel well protected using the Lifejacket creams.

  101. Jane

    This was a gift but I have been told they were happy with it.

  102. Chrissie and Alan

    As it’s winter this is not really being tested but his expectations are high and the score might rise in the Spring!

  103. Brian Carter

    Looks good, the gift was very well received by my husband.

  104. Phil

    Perfect for my needs

  105. Paul Calland

    Not really had the weather to need it yet but it seems less chalky and absorbs better than other sun creams

  106. Phil Rosenbloom

    I’d never thought overly hard about skin protection although I had used off the shelf products when cycling. However that changed a couple of months ago when I was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma and suddenly after two operations I was able to restart cycling, gardening etc but with a whole new perspective on skin protection. Having been on various cancer forums Lifejacket products kept cropping up as excellent. I’m now using it everyday on exposed surfaces and it is exactly what I need. It’s non greasy, unperfumed and doesn’t sting your eyes if you are sweating while out on the bike. It lasts for long enough to not need a reapplication but having also bought some of the sachets I’ll have one in my back pocket just in case. I also applaud Lifejacket for supporting Melanoma UK

  107. Linda

    I bought this last summer for my paddle boarding/surfing/ sailing friend who has very fair skin. He has loved it, and has been particularly pleased with the high level of protection it gives, without the need for frequent re-applications.

  108. Phil

    Goes on well, non greasy, no smell, invisible.

  109. James

    Perfect non-greasy SPF 50+ suncream. Top product from a great company!

  110. Nick

    Tested on skin and absorbs well. Will also purchase SPF 30 version

  111. Andrew Butcher

    I learned about Lifejacket products through my association with the Red Paddle Co. I trust Red Paddle 100% so any product they were prepared to recommend was of interest to me and I have been really pleased with all the Lifejacket products I’ve tried. I am out on the water and in the outdoors for several hours each day and need Sun protection that works. I also have sensitive eyes and skin so harsh chemicals wouldn’t work for me. I feel I need maximum protection and this gives me it. It’s become part of my morning routine before stepping out to apply it. It feels nice on the skin and doesn’t irritate in any way but above all…even in strong unbroken Sunshine it’s worked. Highly recommended…

  112. David Howes-Burrows

    A really super product non greasy, doesn’t leave any residue, the perfect everyday UV protection even when you can’t see the sun!

  113. Rob

    Good choice of sizes for general use and for carrying during day trips/cycling. Easy to apply and soaks into skin easily without feeling greasy. Also smells better than the usual suncreams.

  114. Keith

    In Leros Greece at the moment. Products all good, no greasy feel, no burn. Good price point. I would recommend LifeJacket.

  115. David

    Great product goes in easily and doesn’t leave greasy feel.

  116. Tom

    Absolutely love the product. Great looking branding and excellent quality sun screen. Made me excited about wipping out my sun screen to top up during a sunny round of golf!

  117. David

    I love the ethos, the products, the approach

  118. Andrew

    I have used the products daily. They are pleasant to use, no irritation and I feel protected. My skin looks and feels better. These are now my go to products. I spend every day in the outdoors and lately the Sun has been intense.

  119. Hugh

    Quality feel to the moisturiser, does its job well

  120. Declan

    There seems to be a very personal approach and passion from the company. They really do care about their customers.

  121. Elma

    Very happy with the product, packaging and price point, have already recommended it

  122. David

    One of the few skin products that is non greasy and can be used during a round of golf without having to wipe off excessive grease.

  123. Michael

    Great products

  124. Freddie Anderson

    Great stuff, much better water resistance than the big name brands, feels a lot nicer on the skin too.

  125. Darrell

    I have already recommended it! The service is excellent and the products do what they say they do! I hate the feel of heavy or greesy creams that don’t let your skin breath – all the products I’ve tried have been unintrusive in that they are light and once rubbed in disappear!

  126. Richard

    I like the non greasy, easily absorbed formula.

  127. Christopher

    I like the products and have already recommended them to others

  128. Daniel

    The sun gel protection is excellent. I was out on the hottest day of the year so far and zero burning. Very happy

  129. Phil

    Excellent products from a company dedicated to skin care.

  130. Seamus

    Great stuff. A week of cycling with rain and beating sun, and normally I burn to a crisp. This cream stays on, nongreasy and worked well all week

  131. Manuela

    Really good sunscreen, the only feedback I’d have is when the tube was still quite full, it would squeeze lots of product out as soon as I opened the lid.

  132. Henry

    Best sun protection products I’ve found and skin reair moisturiser is amazing

  133. William

    Very good product,easy to use pleased with my purchase.

  134. Gary

    Have used and appears to work well…

  135. Pete

    Great protection and does not get stuck in stubble etc

  136. James

    Awesome products, info leaflet and packaging! The products feel great, and do seem to have had a positive impact on my skin with less dryness and better sun protection when I’m out and about. The packaging was 100% recyclable and went through the letter box, and the included leaflet on the damage that the sun can do to skin was really interesting. Plus, the travel bag will be handy when I start flying places again! Will definitely be ordering from LifeJacket again.

  137. Peter

    As a postman, I’m very aware that I’m vulnerable to skin cancer so any product that helps protect me is welcome. This sun gel does the business, being easy to apply and non greasy. I’d recommend it. Great service too, it arrived within a couple of days of ordering. Thanks.

  138. Tony

    Expensive but the smell is pleasantly neutral compared to others on the market… I will recommend to others but many appear happy to use whatever’s in the cupboard or not to bother. What price do you put on your health?

  139. Chris

    Really nice product. No greasy feeling, I’m a builder and dust doesn’t stick to the cream . Love it

  140. Elma

    Came across these online while looking for suncare for my husband that doesn’t leave a white cast on his face. I’m obsessive about suncare, he’s not, so I’m constantly on the hunt for a high factor that blends in, doesn’t sting eyes and isn’t greasy. Finally found it. The company’s mission is very admirable but above all, they’ve put their money where their mouth is and backed it up with a product that will genuinely result in men being more likely to wear sunscreen when it’s as nice to use as this. I’ve picked up a few different products, all great and I’ll be switching to life jacket too. Can’t believe how well it blends in. It’s quality is similar to products far more expensive. Will definitely be a staple in our bathroom and travel bags for years to come.

  141. Paul

    I like the focus on skin cancer prevention with the commitment to supporting wider research. The service feels very personal and the range of products increases , were possible in response to feedback.

  142. JOhn

    Skin feels a lot smoother and less greasy.

  143. Danny

    I first discovered Lifejacket Sun Creams via a promo by Red Paddle Board, after ordering a small 30+ and 50+ I found them to be exactly as described, the highlighs for me were; Non greasy application, no need to wash hands after application and they do not run into and sting my eyes when sweating doing outdoor activities unlike other creams.
    I have subsequently bought a Rash Vest which not only looks great but fits well and gives me all the protection I need on my SUP.
    It is also quite exciting recieving your new purchase, what will be in the box/bag, personal note from Jono, never had one of them from Bezos!

  144. Steve

    Cannot stand stinging eyes and sticky skin. Bingo both solved with the Sun Gel. It’s not a gel more a double cream consistency. Goes on easily and quickly absorbed. Protect your skin, have had and continue to manage skin cancers. This is the best I have used to date.

  145. Stuart

    Simple, easy to use sun protection – combining spf with such a good daily moisturiser is one less thing to worry about. I’ve already recommended to work colleagues and friends and my son has been pinching mine, too, so that’s a good habit started!

  146. Owen Kieran

    The product is good, it is easy to apply and soaks in quickly. My only improvement would be to have a clip lid as opposed to a screw top. When applying I’ve had some leakage from the bottle when laid down. Other than that I can’t fault it

  147. Mark

    Smells great and rubs in easily

  148. Paul

    I had a lumb on my forehead which turned into a cyst – when they removed it they found skin cancer and went back in to remove more. Ther repairer has worked wonders with the scar and I feel comfortable with the sun protection.

  149. Mike

    Love this product! Most sunscreens with 50 SPF are thick and take ages to rub in, this is super light!
    Great product, great service, will definitely purchase again

  150. Vicky

    I bought this as a gift for my dad who doesn’t take care of his skin and often burns. This product is easy to use and long lasting which has encouraged him to wear it daily!

  151. Andrew

    Fantastic products from what I’ve tried, the customer service is great and I’m a big fan of their ethos.

  152. Andy

    Really impressed with the quality of both products and how good both feel on the skin; easily absorbed and non-greasy.

  153. Peter

    Still getting used to the product and haven’t used for sports yet, though can safely say protection wise they work very well.

  154. Jane

    I think the product is very good

  155. Robert

    Was recommended it by a friend as a good reef safe sun cream for surfing in the sun, and it was better than any I have ever used before.

  156. Matt

    Nice, good value goes on easily enough and not greasy, but i don’t know why its called a gel when its a cream.

  157. Kenneth

    Skin absorbs the products really well whereas others can be greasy

  158. John

    Quick delivery, great packaging, perfect product at reasonable price

  159. Stuart

    Superb products, superb customer service.

  160. Alex

    Excellent protection! Can really trust this Sun Gel and as a freckled individual, who spends most of the day working outdoors, this is vital! Can’t recommend this enough!

  161. Mark Griffin

    At last! I’ve found a sun cream that lives up to its claims of being light, easily absorbed, not greasy or sticky! You guys are true to your word. Your sun cream is a pleasure to use.

  162. Richard

    The moisturisers feel great…not sticky which is essential in Japan’s hot and humid spring / summer. Also smell great…very subtle but nice and fresh. The sunblocks work much better than any of the sprays / lotions I can buy here. Non-sticky, stay on during exercise but also wash off easily enough with soap and a body towel (essential when trying to follow up exercise in the sun with a soak in a hot spring!)

  163. Karen Kidd

    Designed with men in mind but we all use this great product. It’s easy to rub in, non greasy, very effective and doesn’t make you smell like a fruit salad. Customer service is excellent ( i love the little notes ) , packaging is good and delivery has always been quick. Great product, great service what’s not to like?

  164. Mark Kusionowicz

    Non greasy and easy to apply.

  165. Paul Cole

    As a 50 something with pale skin that’s sun sensitive, I can’t rate the sun gel and moisturisers highly enough. As so many have said, the gel leaves your skin smooth without the usual greasy feel of all other sun products, and unlike all others I have tried in the past it leaves your skin feeling moisturised when in the great outdoors. Really appreciate the science and the story too. You deserve every success with these products. Thank you!

  166. Robert

    Great sun gel absorbs into the skin quickly and lasts hours perfect for the golf course and long coastal walks

  167. Martin

    I like the ethos and the 50+ product worked well for my skin type

  168. Anna

    It’s the most effective, pleasant smelling& best consistency skin protection I’ve ever used!

  169. Neil

    Top product, easy to apply to skin and seems to do a fantastic job! Will be trying it out when I surf also, see how it goes 😊

  170. Robert

    Great sun gel absorbs into the skin quickly and lasts hours perfect for the golf course and long coastal walks

  171. Craig

    Good brand and products, so what’s not to like. You’re looking after yourself and supporting a sustainable brand as well.

  172. Craig

    Good brand and products, so what’s not to like. You’re looking after yourself and supporting a sustainable brand as well.

  173. James

    Very impressed with the products and brand.

  174. Andrew

    Like the products!

  175. Lee

    Very impressed in general with the products, the service, value propositions and even the packaging and presentation.

  176. Shane

    Fantastic products, easy to apply and can see the difference in my skin from using from just over a month. Knowing that your doing something positive to protect yourself from skin cancer was also a major reason for me to subscribe. I wasn’t aware that the risk of ne catching skin cancer were so high. Daily Protect & Daily Repair are now my go to products.

  177. James

    Love the brand mission, product is great.

  178. Craig

    Great customer service. Emailed Life jacket to see if product was suitable to use on my 4 year old daughter as well. Received a reply within 5 minutes.

  179. Steve

    Had a lump removed in late 2018 which the medical people said was linked to the sun.My daughter found you on the tinterwebnet thing: Impressed.

  180. Beverly

    My husband has Crohn’s and the drugs he is on increase the risk of skin cancer. LifeJacket has really good reviews so he has tried it and loves it.

  181. Phill

    Happy with the products. I think it’s important to look after my skin. Most of our friends work in the outdoors. Very impressed with the presentation to British Mountain Guides last year. It highlighted to me the importance of using suntan / moisturising cream. Thank you !

  182. Jamie

    The ordering process was very enjoyable from the friendly LifeJacket team, as was the unboxing process, with a couple of free samples of their other products thrown in for good measure. I purchased the SPF50 Sun Gel and am very happy with the performance of the product. I work in the cosmetics industry and am really impressed with the texture which is light and non-greasy as advertised. The product is much easier to spread over the skin and therefore much nicer in use than other products offering that level of protection factor that I’ve used before. I’m also very impressed with the brand’s instructions for use, making it crystal clear exactly how much product should be used to achieve the desired level of protection. Great job LifeJacket!

  183. Paul

    Excellent experience from the beginning. Smart packaging with a nice note and some extra samples attached. I have a bottle of the sun gel in my gear bag for extra protection when enjoying some sea swims or stand up paddling. Another thing I find great is no stinging in the eyes when working up a sweat. I’m a pale faced, freckle skinned guy from the west of Ireland and I’m delighted to have found these products!

  184. John

    The products are just what I have been looking for in my Daily Lifestyle being on and off the water so much and the Harsh environment we live in I feel Safer every day from sun and wind damage

  185. Christopher

    Great product, does not leave an oily residue when dry and a good price point. Like the packaging and the feel of the suncream, all in all 10 out of 10.

  186. Guy S

    Seriously good protection. Not greasy or oily, not horribly fragranced – it does exactly what it should and leaves the skin feeling nice too. The service from the team is second to none too, very personal and always there to answer questions. Great products guys well done.

  187. Steve

    Great Products and excellent customer service, not greasy and is absorbed well:-) Steve

  188. Steve Lyne

    As someone who is astutely aware for the need of sun protection I jumped at the chance to try these products. I do not sun bathe but need a daily SPF 30 where the moisturiser fits the bill and SPF50 if the sun is out. The cream is luxurious rather than “thick” and absorbs into the skin quickly. The team at LJ are great and personable with any of your questions.

  189. Nigel

    Great product, easily absorbed, non-irritating and excellent UVB and UVA protection

  190. Guy

    Serious sun protection. Lifejacket has really got me thinking about the impact of being out in the sun all day. The effect it has on my skin. This higher factor gel is perfect. I have found that some higher protection creams are so thick and sticky. This gel is perfect, it’s not thick and it absorbs well. It smells great and gentle on the skin. A true Sunny day essential.

  191. Seth

    I have never taken the sun that seriously as I am darker skinned but know that is not the right approach. Came across LifeJacket so decided to give them a go for an upcoming holiday. Exceeded my expectations.

  192. Sal

    Not oily, not greasy, non-fragranced. A product for guys which suits me down to the ground.

  193. Ben

    Love the team at LifeJacket. Personal care and attention to detail, answered a couple of questions I had before buying and then it arrived promptly. Spot on

  194. Rich

    Great product, love the non greasy/oily feel. Very effective and easy to apply.

  195. Adem

    As a fairly hairy dude (with sensitive skin) most high factor sun creams are very difficult and uncomfortable to apply- the LifeJacket factor 50 was much lighter and easily absorbed compared to other products I have tried in the past.
    I tend to stay out of direct sunshine when I can but playing sport etc this is not always possible- LifeJacket gives me that effortless protection when I need it.

  196. Chuckie

    I was keen to try the Life Jacket sun gel as I always struggle with normal sun protection due to my sensitive, eczema prone skin, but this is noticeably different. It causes me no irritation and no greasiness on my hands. The result is that I choose to wear sunscreen more often than before, even when the sun doesn’t seem that strong.

  197. Mat

    LifeJacket got me thinking about the fact I probably don’t protect myself like I should. I’m always a bit nervous about using new products on my face (as I have psoriasis) but I’m now three sun filled days in and no problems at all!
    Really nice product, clean / non-greasy and I’m not burnt so guess it’s working! I’ll be buying again.

  198. Paddy

    This is the first suncream I have worn which didn’t run into my eyes while playing sport. Thank you LifeJacket! Top class product with a noble mission.

  199. Russ

    The perfect product for outdoor sport. Quickly absorbed and great protection. Well done guys!

  200. Dave

    Used this recently on a holiday to Koh Samui, felt well protected and didn’t get burnt, even at UV 11!!

  201. Rich

    Top service, product / packaging excellent. Bought for my dad to protect his face during games of golf and he loves it. No stinging eyes, no grease.

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Skin science

A burning issue for men

Almost twice as many men die from skin cancer compared to women. Male skin cancer cases have exploded over the past 20 years and they’re forecast to double over the next 20 years.

It's chemistry

UVA rays penetrate your skin damaging the proteins that give your skin structure, causing ageing and wrinkling. UVB damages the outer skin causing sunburn. Together they're a cause of cancer.

Putting your jacket on

Real skincare should protect you from both harmful UVA and UVB rays. Rays touch your skin all year long, even in the winter. Apply skin protection all year round and stay healthy.

Inside LifeJacket products

LifeJacket products do not contain oxybenzone or oxtinoxate.

Ingredients: Aqua, Alcohol Denat., Propylheptyl Caprylate, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Octocrylene, Methylene Bis-Benzotriazolyl Tetramethylbutylphenol, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine, Glycerin, Dipropylene Glycol Dibenzoate, Decyl Glucoside, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Glucoside, PPG-15 Stearyl Ether Benzoate, Tris-Biphenyl Triazine, Hydroxyacetophenone, Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Parfum, Xanthan Gum, Carrageenan, Propylene Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Butylene Glycol, Disodium Phosphate

Used and loved by

We make high performance products people enjoy using. So far, the feedback has been positive…

“The Lifejacket products that I have used are easy to apply and very effective. I play golf on a links course and have been well protected by factor 30. A very good buy for golfers who are out in the elements for 3/4hours.”

Ian, Cardiff

“I’ve only used the sun protection and that worked well. Not at all greasy, which was great. Haven’t tried the moisturiser yet but looking forward to giving it a go. LifeJacket are my go to guys for all things sun related.”

Duncan, London