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Keep the faith - five tips to stay motivated

Keep the faith - five tips to stay motivated

Deep sigh — a new lockdown is being enforced. And although we all try to remain active and fit from home, it can be enough of an excuse to submit to a month of binge television and days spent on the sofa. Thankfully, it will all be over soon. But to help you stay committed and healthy, here are five things you can do to continue your fitness goals into lockdown; from daily habits to mental resolve.

1. Keep a journal

It doesn’t have to be a paper booklet (although, there is a personal charm to jotting down your goals on paper). You can use your phone. Any notes section will do, but with the myriad apps available tailored to help you achieve your fitness or sporting goals, tracking progress ought to be simple. Aside from the obvious: scribbling in goals, timeframes, and to-dos — your journal should also be a place where you can add your honest thoughts.

2. Treat yourself

Now we’re stuck at home, you might find yourself perusing Amazon for the latest coffee-maker kit or television gadget. And that’s fine. But few things motivate you to get out of the house and train than the odd bit of new sports kit. Replace those tatty shorts with fresh ones. Get some board wax or wool clothes for a cold-weather walk (and remember to keep an eye on your skin’s health). You deserve it.

3. Forgive yourself

A lockdown can have awful consequences on mental health, as well as physical. Much of that has to do with a sense of stagnation. Of not going anywhere. Don’t blame yourself if you get complacent, though — that will only bring you deeper into distress. Instead, allow time to forgive yourself. Think about why you’re feeling this way. Acknowledge that it’s not your fault. And strive to get back out there!

4. Get a partner involved

A friend, a spouse, a random stranger from down the road (maybe hold back on that last one), or even a group that organises meet-ups on social media, can be hugely motivational when your fitness goals align with theirs. It’s harder to fall back into bad habits when someone’s relying on you to show up. And it also gives you something to be inspired by, and to measure yourself against in good spirit.

5. Just do it. (And do it early)

We know. We know. Easier said than done, right? But there’s no other way than to just get out there and move. Think about what’s stopping you. Is it the weather? Is it the draw of the sofa? We know how great it feels to maintain your fitness goals — much better than binging Netflix shows. If you’re struggling to allocate time with WFH, try completing your workout before you have to do anything important. You’ll have heaps of energy for other tasks, and eat healthier during the day.

Message us and let us know any other advice that helps you stay motivated during lockdown, or if you’ve successfully used these tips to meet your goals. Send us an email ( or drop us a DM on Instagram - we'd love to hear from you.

Remember to protect your skin. We’ll see you on the other side.