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Endurance athlete and pro boxer, Jake Best, tells us what's in his bag

Endurance athlete and pro boxer, Jake Best, tells us what's in his bag

Let us introduce you to Jake Best - endurance athlete and professional boxer, or as Jake would rather be known, a ‘charity challenger’. This sums Jake up...

Getting outside, keeping fit in mind and body and testing the limits of his physical capabilities isn’t purely a selfish thing, Jake does it help others. This March will be Jake's ultimate test and act of generosity. He's attempting to break five different running world records, carrying a 40 pound backpack, all in the space of four weeks, and all in aid of The SBS Association and rock2recoveryuk.

When we joined Jake for a training session on a beautiful sunny morning in his home county of Dorset, we asked him what he carries with him. Not just while training but day-to-day. Jake has been an amazing and generous supporter of LifeJacket but as you might notice, he's a great advocate of some other fabulous Dorset brands.

If you're looking for some motivation or just want to follow Jake through his training and on his world record attempt, give him a follow here. Enjoy folks!

1. Osprey Archeon Chest Rig

For me this has been a game-changer for quick and easy assess to your essential supplies during any run, walk, yomp or even day out with the kids! It's my version of a 'man bag'.

Inside, I'll always have the usual bank card, car keys, and often dog poo bags. However, I’m never without a pouch of Resilient Nutrition. My favourite is coffee and pecan to get my caffeine hit and keep my fuel and alert levels high! Huge amount of quality calories to keep you on the go.

I’m extremely lucky that I don’t struggle from blisters and or heat spots. However, there's nothing worse than running with wet feet and socks so I always have a spare pair tucked away when I’m out on an off-road run.

2. LifeJacket SPF 50+ Mineral Sun Stick

A LifeJacket mineral sun stick has been in my chest rig since I got it! It’s meant for the face and lips but I also use it on the back of my neck and has been a lifesaver when I’m out with the children and forgot to bring their kid's sun lotion.

3. Osprey Heritage Cap

This is a real running / adventure cap! Folds up, packs away and is perfect to wear during runs or have straight after getting wet to prevent you looking like a drowned rat.

4. Precision Fuel & Hydration 30g Carb Fuel

I've personally found this to be the best and most effective quick release energy to get me through the last sections of a difficult run or get me up that last big hill.

5. LED Lenser Head Torch

The LED Lenser always starts in the chest rig but once on, it’s often left on, even when daylight hits. It's comfortable, lightweight and extremely powerful.