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Pro windsurfer, Max Rowe, tells us what's in his bag

Pro windsurfer, Max Rowe, tells us what's in his bag

Max Rowe is a professional windsurfer from the UK.

You could argue he has the dream job: traveling the world windsurfing, competing on the PWA windsurfing freestyle World Tour and testing the coolest new kit.

For that reason, there's no better person to talk to when it comes to windsurf gear and in this edition of LifeKit, we bring you Max's edit.

If you want to see Max in action, you can find him here on Instagram. In the summer, Max is based at Club Vass in Greece where he's a windsurfing instructor. Go say hi, grab a lesson and mention we sent you!

Over to you Max...

Any of my travel buddies or friends will attest to the fact that I’m not shy to travel around the world with a load of equipment. I like to be well covered for any possible conditions a trip might throw at me and can't stand missing out by not having the right toy on hand. I've had to rein it in a little recently as we now have a two year old daughter to bring along as well. Still, I’d consider bringing 60kg of sports equipment along as 'travelling light'. That being said I do focus on having some key boards that are backed up with versatility!

1. Slingshot Wingcraft

This is now my go to Wing Board that I wouldn’t dream of travelling without.

Slingshot are at the forefront of wing foiling kit and this board has served me well in all conditions this winter from 35 knot winds in Brazil to 12 knot winds and big waves in Portugal.

2. SunGod Sierras

I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved with SunGod for the past seven years. They’ve really taken it to the next level with their new 8KO polarised lenses and Infinite recycled frames. I’ve always got a pair of these with me and this is my favourite colour way.

3. Slingshot Phantasm Surf 730 Foil

Versatility is key with this foil set up. I like to mix it up between surf foiling, wing foiling and windsurf foiling. With this set-up, you’re pretty much covered for all of them by just adding one extra fuselage. You could even SUP and kite foil with this!

4. Simmer Ace Freestyle Windsurf Sail

Sail development has been a passion of mine during my career as a professional windsurfer and the Simmer Ace marks the culmination of eight years of development into what I consider the perfect freestyle sail for me. Of course as I move away from competing full time the new faces on the team will hopefully take this sail to the next level but I may well keep a few of my favourite sizes from 2021 just to get nostalgic over.

5. LifeJacket SPF 50+ Mineral Sun Stick

This is my go to before heading out on the water. I’m throwing myself around out there and nothing seems to work quite as well as this mineral sun stick at keeping me fully protected from the sun.

6. Ride Engine Wetsuit

The wetsuits and accessories from Ride Engine are an absolute pleasure to use! They’re using the latest limestone neoprene technology, made in a fair trade certified factory and are the most flexible, warm and lightweight suits I’ve ever owned.