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Pro wakeboarder, Liam Peacock, tells us what's in his bag

Pro wakeboarder, Liam Peacock, tells us what's in his bag

In April, we chatted to Ryan Peacock so in this month's LifeKit, we spoke to the other half of the Peacock Brothers, Liam.

Liam's a pro wakeboarder, 2x World Champion and 3x Red Bull WakeDuel Champion. In the world of British wakeboarding, he's probably the OG and that's why we're stoked to have him on Team LifeJacket. 

Liam's passionate about teaching the groms and cultivating the next British champ but he's still got a lot of competing ahead of him and we'll be cheering him on at the UK Nationals at the end of August.

We'll hand over to Liam to describe his kitbag essentials but if you want to tune into some serious wakeboard action, follow him here.

Over to you Liam...

The Peacock Brother’s Mystic Impact Vest

I'm always riding in this and it keeps me protected from any big crashes I may take on the water. Working with Mystic meant we've been able to create an awesome impact vest that looks and feels good on the water so I always make sure that's in the bag. And of course, it's the coolest looking impact vest on the market! 

GoPro Hero 11

This has to be in the bag at all times ready to capture the moments that go down both on and off the water. If you're involved in extreme sports filming at all, you'll know that GoPro create some of the best action cameras out of anyone. So, it's always key for getting good footage for Instagram and YouTube to have it in the bag. We like to use the Hero 11 Black and also use the GoPro MAX to capture some awesome moments on the water. 

JBL Flip 5 speaker

I've always got this speaker in my bag to play tunes with friends by the lake, at the beach or even just have some good music playing in the room before a ride. It was a recent addition to the bag and has been well used especially over the last few months. I'm pretty sure you can link them up with your friends too to make a mini party so that's definitely a handy feature too. I'm a strong believer that coffee and good tunes in the morning is the best way to start the day. 

MacBook Pro

This allows me to edit all my videos that we're filming while away on my travels. I also love to watch Netflix or YouTube in the evenings after a long day of riding when chilling in bed. To any content creators travelling, they know the importance of a solid laptop to help you edit and create posts and vlogs. A must-have in the bag when away on a trip. A lot of people see the good times on YouTube or Instagram but don't see the hours of editing that goes into creating these things so a good laptop is key to making the process as easy as possible. 

AirPods Pro

I love these when travelling as I can listen to podcasts or music to get me hyped for my next wakeboard session or, for the main reason, which is to get that noise cancellation on and block out the crying babies on the plane! Whenever I'm travelling, I'll always stick a podcast on to keep me entertained whether it be in the airport or on a train. I also have a playlist full of bangers that I'll listen to before competing so I'm playing these on full blast to get me hyped up before my comp run. These would probably be my number 1 suggestion for anyone who travels. They're also easy to sleep in with your head leant against a wall which is necessary more times than you'd expect when travelling!

VO5 Matt Styling Paste

To keep the hair looking somewhat presentable if I don't get a haircut for a few months while on the road, this is the stuff! I've always got this and some travel bottles of aftershave just in case I want to freshen up after a long day in the water. If this doesn't work then I usually just stick a Mystic hat on to cover up the trim....haha...!