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What's funny about skin cancer?

What's funny about skin cancer?

Don’t shoot the messenger but a Batman-shaped sunburn on a dude’s chest is not cool.

For some reason in British culture especially, news and entertainment sites think it’s amusing to fill the internet with ‘epic sunscreen fails’.

Just as I asked you not to shoot the messenger, I'd urge you not to blame these sites either. They're simply the middle-men, broadcasting negligent male behaviour when it comes to sun protection, so we should go relatively easy on them. But, for clarity, they don’t help the cause.

However, a word in the ear of the culprits…


I don’t mean to go all morbid and melodramatic on you but up to 90% of skin cancers are caused by the sun. In reverse and putting a positive spin on things, that also means 90% of skin cancers are preventable.

Five sunburns in a lifetime doubles your risk of getting skin cancer. Sun damage is cumulative so it's never too late to start.

These two facts explain why the World Health Organisation classifies ultraviolet rays as a human carcinogen.

In the UK, male skin cancer incidence in the UK has increased 3x over the past 20 years and men are almost twice as likely to to die from skin cancer compared to women.

That Batman-shaped sunburn isn’t quite so funny anymore.


I love seeing a strong team of guys being together, bonding, having fun and laughing. Fraternity is a great thing for men's mental health. But take care of each other. Please wake up. You can stop this.

Thanks for reading.